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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Hot Rumor Alert! Goose Blueberry More Like Booberry

Sure, it's just a hot rumor and these things always pop-up just before the now-famous Black Friday Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout release. It sounds as if there will be plenty of bottles of the regular 16.9 ounce bourbon stout released around some of Iowa early Black Friday morning. Good news if you're not interested in waiting inside a dark, caged off Wine and Spirits. The bad news, Iowa is only getting one variant and it's Northwoods Brand Stout. Northwoods is the blueberry and almond extract variant of this year's release.

There's eight different versions of this year's BCBS. Of course, Proprietors is a Chicago only release. Reserve, aged in 11-year Knob Creek barrels isn't coming to Iowa either. And the Double barrel is draft only (and Chicago only?).

PorchDrinking dot com Chicago got a chance to taste and review this year's BCBS. Luckily it's just like their opinion, man, but they have Northwoods right above the scrapped Reserve Barley Wine. Neat! The review went on to describe the blueberry/almond sauce as:

The initial announcement of this variant got me excited, but I had to try hard to justify the smell and flavor. I said it was “unique” and “different,” but ultimately I couldn’t kid myself, this beer simply isn’t for me.
The smell really is unique as it’s nothing I’ve ever smelled in a BCBS before. You get a load of almond extract and blueberry on the aroma. Blindfolded, you would never guess that this was a BCBS beer. If I was walking into a bakery, that’s the smell I’d be going for. Drinking a barrel-aged beer, not so much.
Unfortunately the taste matches the smell. It’s way too sweet. The almond extract gives the beer a marzipan-like profile that makes anything more than a sip an unpleasant experience.

 Obviously, we're still in wait-and-see mode. There's a Facebook picture out there from a Coralville Hy-vee that lists only regular and Northwoods on release day. Limit three regulars and one blueberry. It's not yet confirmation but getting closer.

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