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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Iowa Beer Buzz | Mo'stachio, Dirty Loral Secret and Citra Storm

It's time to give thanks and gather around the table with the fam. It's also time to get up early and wonder exactly how your local Wine and Spirits screws up this year's Bourbon County release. If waking early on your only Friday off all year isn't your thing, or, if you don't like to support giant International companies that throw lobby money at state lawmakers to keep local Americans from living their dream, there's other stuff to be excited about this week.

In the short two week life of this blog I've wrote about Drugstore Cowboy seemingly every other day. Well, it appears the up-and-coming Iowa brewer has made an even better NE style IPA. At least, according to early Untappd tasters. Dirty Loral Secret arrived this week around the Des Moines area. Beerstyles in West Des Moines has it on tap. Downtown, el Bait Shop and the Iowa Tap Room do too.

Perhaps, overshadowed a little bit last Friday by the Alluvial Aurox release, was several new beers released from Madhouse. New is Madhouse's first crack at the NE style IPA. Citra Storm is tap room only at this time and based on early reviews is a winner.

If bourbon flavors in your winter warming stout isn't your thing, maybe pistachios is? Barn Town has a new stout ready for the week. It's the first full batch of a previously tested beer last spring. Let's hope this is as good as Chicago's Hop Butcher for the World's Milkstachio stout.

Looks like there's plenty of barrel-aged local options up in Northwest Iowa this week. Jackson Street brewing will drop a new beer on tap or to go everyday (except Thursday, they have a family too). Looks tasty.

Good news, Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout is only two-ish weeks away (the brewery announced a national December 1 release). The first signs of kegs showing up popped up on Facebook yesterday. Lucky you Mason City. Now, let's get that same luck in Central Iowa.

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