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Friday, November 3, 2017

Pulpit Rock Brewing Announces Barrel-Aged $ticker $hock Release Party

Pulpit Rock, the other Decorah brewery, announced via their Facebook Page the initial details for the highly anticipated first Barrel Aged release BA $ticker $hock. Midwest beer lovers have long formed a human neckbeard line up the street at Toppling Goliath while PR has had their share of large crowds for limited releases. Their first barrel-aged beer might be PR's largest.

The base double Russian Imperial stout is PR's highest rated beer edging out Pudgy by a smidge according to Untappd users. Bottles will come in at $20 for 350 ml or just over $1.66 an ounce. Much less than some other barrel-aged releases in the state (or up the street) that may or maybe didn't inspire the $ticker $hock name.

Time, tickets and number of bottles is still TBD. The date, December 16th, is all some need to start the line forming in the back. Epic Beer Share bro better pace themselves if there's some other goodies on tap when things get flowing.

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