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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Iowa Beer Buzz | Ol Grizz, Inland Empire and Toppling Goliath in Washington?

Not long ago, via the Toppling Goliath Twitter account, there were hints about a possible expansion to the West. Yesterday, another tweet may have confirmed the place.

Say hello to Jimi while you're there.

Ol' Grizz and barrel-aged Ol' Grizz will be back at the Boone, Iowa, taproom Saturday December 16th. Both the regular #BiL and BA version will be on tap and available for bottle purchase. There's also some vintage versions of the barley wine planned on tap too. Festivities begin at 1pm and last until 10pm (close).

We've already discussed the upcoming Lawman bottle release this Saturday (12/9) at 9 am. So, here's a picture of bottles of beer.

There's another bottle release this month and this one at Backpocket Brewing in Iowa City. Inland Empire is part of the Gary the Cat series. Reading the label, it's a big Russian Imperial Stout. Stay tuned for more details.

In new brewery news, Fenders now has a real open date. The Polk City brewery has had an open house but doors open to the public for real December 22nd.

Let's talk some hops. There's a new IPA ready at 515 in Clive. Cosmic Weiner Beaver tapped tonight at the taproom and is a Galaxy dry-hopped version of Weiner Beaver. The Galaxy hops is a nice addition to the rye malt and Amarillo hops.

Somebody say Galaxy and Amarillo? How about adding Mosiac and X331 hops? That's the newest from Lark named A Beer Called Quest. It clocks in at 67 IBUs and 7.4% ABV. This is a keeper based on name alone.

Tonight, LB dropped a new IPA that's described as their first leap into lupulin (hop) powder. Majestic Beast is dry-hopped using Mosiac and Eukanot flavors. Early reviews are very exciting about this 7.1% ABV beauty.

Forgotten here with all the buzz about bottle releases was the mention of Alluvial's Hoppy Holidays. Currently on tap is Centinel, Hop to be Cubed, MoMo DIPA and Comet Pale Ale. Hop to be Cubed is a new APA and should hold you over until the latest collab with Pulpit Rock, Phase Two is tapped soon. Lutrius and maybe Aurox should also be on tap really soon too.

It looks like another hazy, hoppy IPA is off the pilot system and ready to go this Friday (12/8) at Exile. Eureka Juice was a draft only small batch released Nov. 21st. This week, we get a Nelson IPA. The picture is all the description you need.

Finally, another new IPA is set to drop the Des Moines' newest hop machine. This one is a NE Style but with all Iowa grown hops. While this one doesn't yet have a tap date it does have a name. Look for Field of Dreams soon.

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