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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Beer Review | Madhouse Freedom Toast Barrel Aged Wee Heavy

BEER: Barrel-Aged Wee Heavy
ABV: 14%

There was a time in America where we were so angry with the French we decided to strike their name from the American fine cuisine record and replace "French" with "Freedom." We were damn mad. So mad that House Representatives Bob Ney and Walter Jones had the House cafeterias do just that. Capital Hill was the home of Freedom Fries. And this was before Trump.

Fast forward to 2018 and after several reruns of "Patriot" on TNT and we Americans are cool with France again. Or we just forgot all about that fuss and moved on to the next shiny toy. But, not Madhouse Brewing Company in Des Moines. Madhouse #neverforgets.

Freedom Toast is Madhouse's BA Wee Heavy loaded up with maple aged in bourbon barrels, vanilla and cinnamon. While technically a Scotch Ale, this beer is James Brown singing Living in America while you walk to the ring. Right down to the red, antique white and blue label.

What's nice about this beer is that Madhouse went with the Wee Heavy over an Imperial Stout. The flavors work well with the bready Scottish Ale. Most dominant, and maybe a tad too much, is the cinnamon. It's not Cinnamon Challenge too much but does blast your palate. The soft vanilla and oak characters from the maple syrup aged in bourbon barrels is a nice touch. Maple comes in second to the cinnamon just before that bready malt. If you're looking for overpowering bourbon it's not here but overall nicely done.

BOTTLE CAPS: 4.5 (out of five)

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