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Monday, January 22, 2018

Iowa Beer Buzz | Contrary Blackberry Milkshake IPA, Sioux City Berry Bomb Sour and Sticky Juice

It's been a minute since we've had a link post so, some of the beers on today's post have already released. Get some.

Last Friday, Contrary Brewing released Blackberry Milkshake IPA. This hazy, pink-purple beer includes milk sugar and vanilla for that thiccc mouth feel and a pound of blackberries for that fruitiness and color. This 6% ABV IPA is brewed with Citra and Mosiac hops. Early check-ins on Untappd could mean this beer won't be around long.

Berry Bomb Sour got the red wine barrel treatment and will be available in 22 oz bottles in a couple weeks at the Sioux City taproom. Prior to the barrel, this beer checks in slightly above 6% ABV. It's loaded with raspberries, sour cherries and Sioux City Aronia berries.

If you didn't make it to West Des Moines for the first bottle release from Barn Town Saturday, there's still bottles available at the taproom. Double Hop Skewer is selling fast and so is the early entrant for Iowa IPA of the year, Sticky Juice. If you live in or around the Iowa City area, you have a chance to sample or purchase Double Hop Skewer this Friday at John's Grocery.

The doors in Cedar Rapids aren't open yet but there's tap lines ready to pour beer. #Soon

It's been a productive 2018 thus far for Peace Tree pumping new beers into their three taprooms. The lastest tapped last week, Coffee Stout. This beer is made using local coffee from Ross Street Roasting. The early reviews on Untappd have this sitting at a solid four bottle caps.

Backpocket has a few plans for the upcoming BrrrFest in Iowa City. They've already produced a BA Cherry Stout and pre-sold 22 oz bottles prior to the festival. They also have a collaboration ready for the public with Bent River Brewing. This collab is called Fancy Chocolate Bar and is a smoked Porter with some chipotle peppers.

Two favorites returned to the taproom over the weekend at the Ames brewery. Mosacious, a nice and light pale hopped with Mosiac hops comes in at a nice 5.6% ABV. Ox-presso Oatmeal Stout is back too but this time with Morning Bell Coffee Roasters Sumatra Blend which sounds amazing.

This Eastern Iowa brewery takes a shot with a NE Style IPA called X-1 NE Style IPA. It's Untappd description calls this an experimental NE Style IPA with "tons of fruity hops and low bitterness."

Releasing this Friday, ReUnion beefed up their Electric Banshee Stout and tossed it in Wild Turkey and Four Roses barrels to produce BA Imperial Banshee. The ABV gets ramped up to 10% on this one.

The latest in their Hop Chronicles series, Pacific Triad, released last Friday. This 5.7% pale ale includes Vic Secret, Citra and Motueka hops. Early Untappd check-ins have this one scoring just over four bottle caps.

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