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Sunday, January 7, 2018

New Brewery News | Two New Breweries Open, One Closes

Per their Facebook page, Broad Street Brewing is quitting the business and offering their brewery for sale. Broad Street is located in Reinbeck, Iowa, and has been in operation for seven years. Yesterday (January 6th), was the last day open to the public. Sale price for the brewery is posted at $35,000.

While we've seen two breweries announce closures in the last month, 2018 still appears to be a big year for new breweries in Iowa. Dimensional Brewing, Thew Brewing, Drink Me Brewing and Mashbros Brewing are in planning or close to opening. Carroll Brewing, Fenders Brewing and 5 Alarm Brewing just opened doors. There's also two new breweries making the papers this week.

Brioux City, in Sioux City, Iowa, opened for official business over the weekend. It's not a new tap room but rather craft brewed beers available at Marty's Tap, a bar owned by Kelly Quinn. There's not much yet for beer offerings and a Grand Opening is planned for later in the month. For now, there's a peanut butter porter (Peanut Buddah).

In Coralville, Iowa, you can now also find beer in a new bar/restaurant. Guild Wurst Tavern will also be home to Boot N' Flute Brewery which first offered its beer in October of 2017. Boot N' Flute's beers are brewed by restaurant chef James Kinkade with the restaurant menu in mind. They currently have seven brews in the books and an eighth on the way. Per Untappd, Bird's Toast Brown and Omnibrook Stout are the most popular.

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