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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Pulpit Rock Brewing Announces Fat Joe Bottle Release

Pulpit Rock Brewing in Decorah, Iowa, has announced another bottle release set for March 10th at 8 am. Per their Facebook page, this will be "Fat Joe," an Imperial Stout with Panama Geisha coffee aged almost a year in Elijah Craig 12 year barrels.

Like the BA $ticker $hock release, it will be 375 ml bottles at $20 per bottle. If you purchase four bottles at a time is TBD. There will not be advance (lottery) ticket sales so first come first serve. For $ticker $hock in December, the line started at 9 pm the night before (yikes!).

Unlike the base for the BA $$, this is a new beer from PR. The hype from the last release will surely lead to long lines again. $$ is running at a whopping 4.81 bottle caps (out of 5) on Untappd currently. Traders are also seeing nice returns on their four pack purchases.

If you don't already, find their social media accounts for more information as March nears. There will surely be more information about on-tap options, bottle limits and more. 

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