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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Must Haves From the 2018 Coralville BrrrFest Beer List

This Saturday is the Annual Coralville BrrrFest and the beer list is out. At a quick glance, there's 60+ Iowa breweries bringing samples of their beer, cider and meads. The event at the Coralville Marriot Hotel is sold out but some are looking still on the official Facebook page. If you already have tickets, let's look at which beers you should definitely sample.

Winter is Aurox season and there's still some pouring. Aurox with Maple is one of the state's best non-barrel aged stouts and should be high on your list. Mosacious is insanely fresh and perfect for beer buffets at 5.6% ABV.

BP is bringing the special releases for this year's Brr Fest right in their backyard. Fancy Chocolate and BA BrrrFest RIS will tap at noon and 2:00. Unfortunately, there's not IC Wave on their list but an interesting Blueberry IPA.

BT has scheduled releases of their barrel-aged Cicada Killer and Muddy Waters (3:00pm). Before then, you'll want to make sure you get a sample of Hop Skewer, Double Hop Skewer and Sticky Juice. Double Hop Skewer was just released Saturday in bottles and the brewery cleared out of Sticky Juice in just under four days.

BG is bringing the heat with eight beers on their list. There's a 2016 Barleywine on there that should be about the sweet spot. There's also White Chocolate Imperial Stout and 2017 Jean Luc Richard. Which by the way, is Richard the Whale with vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Some folks on the Eastern side of the state may not get regular access to Boone Valley brewing but here's a nice first impression if you haven't. There's Ol Griz, barrel-aged Ol' Griz (barleywine) and their BA Vanilla Porter.

I visited Central Iowa's newest brewery recently and profiled it here. They're bringing Perk Up (with vanilla and hazelnut). Drink it, it's good.

The Muscatine brewery recently released Blackberry Milkshake IPA and will have some to pour. Is it pink? Is it purple? Whichever, it's currently 4.3 bottle caps on Untappd.

Mostly know around the state for their flagship beers, don't ignore Exile as they are bringing their best. They have Pink Guava Bohemian, Jesus of a Forklift and Pacific Triad. That's a Berliner, barrel-aged stout and fresh hops for you.

This may be the first taste of Fat Hill for a lot of fest goers and they'll get two solid options with NE Style IPA Rongorongo and Barrel-Aged Braggot (Mead). Be careful on the Braggot, it's 12.7%.

By now, most people have heard of or even tried delicious NE Style IPA Drugstore Cowboy. If you haven't, you're in luck. Also, their RIS Manticore is infused with coffee. They'll also have a "Pastry" Manticore. They release their coconut version at the taproom soon.

Another bringing out the big guns for the fest on their turf. Iowa Brewing will have Chocolate Covered Cherry Oja (their Baltic Porter) and Blueberry Oja available.

If you want bourbon flavors but not all the ABV, Kegcreek has you covered. They have a Barrel-aged Breakdown Brown coming in at 7.8% ABV. There's also Pipian Mole Imperial Brown if you want some spice.

It's barrel-aged month at their taproom and they bring the BA with XXXX Compensation. They'll also have Double Maple Gazprom!

Vanilla Imperial Porter (VIP) is a must sample but lucky attendees will also get Freedom Toast. Madhouse will release FT this Thursday for the first time in 750 ml format. Like VIP, this BA Wee Heavy also gets vanilla and adds cinnamon.

Saftig is always a treat but the beer to cut in line for is Stink Juice from this fest's lineup. A dank Mosiac, Eureka and Bravo hopped Double IPA.

And this, like the BrrrFest beer list is not complete as there's certainly more to partake. I unfortunately, won't be able to attend but I'd like to hear thoughts afterwards. Feel free to comment or send me a Tweet @IowaBeerBlog with your thoughts. Happy Beer-ing!

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