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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

What We're Drinking | January Edition

FLIX Nebulas NE Style IPA 6.4% ABV 

The NE Style IPA can even be had while watching the newest flick at your local theater. That is, if your local is Flix Brewhouse. This NE Style is murky and exploding with hops on the nose and palate. It’s a mix of both Citra and Mosiac hops and doesn’t kill you with bitterness. It was a solid beer to put down while taking in an afternoon matinee. The downside? I did get a little of that “homebrew-y” flavor that perhaps comes from the water and or hops producer. Overall 3.75 bottle caps (out of five).

FRANKLIN STREET Cocoon of Your Own Barleywine 11% ABV 

While Franklin Street’s popularity grows around Central Iowa thanks to a Drugstore Cowboy, the brewery hasn’t forgotten #BIL. It’s not a style that exactly littered the Iowa Taproom beer list despite this being perfect weather for a Werther’s Original. There was a lot of sweet candy here and that 11% is difficult to find. This beer is dangerously delicious. Overall 4.0 bottlecaps.

LAKE TIME Oreo Speedwagon Milk Stout 5.6% ABV 

Lake Time has been killing the market with adjunct milk stouts and porters this winter. Their Peanut Butter Porter, Coconut Porter and now Oreo Speedwagon Stout have been a big hit around the state. I’ve tried the Peanut Butter and Coconut and finally got to the Oreo (the highest rated yet on Untappd). Now, this beer really an Oreo Cookie. You get the creaminess like the middle filling along with a deep coco cookie flavor. It tastes almost exactly like what it says on the label. Whhhich, didn’t really jive with me. Now, I like Oreo cookies. I do. But, for whatever reason, this didn’t work for me at all. Still, well made, but not my thing. Overall 3.75 bottle caps.

PARKSIDEBelly Dancer Chai Stout 8.1% ABV 

I’m usually not a huge fan of chai spiced beers but overall, I thought this worked well. The spice is certainly there but not overwhelming your palate to the point you forget your drinking a big stout. The 8.1% is well hidden and combined with the spices make this a nice dessert beer and not one to pound down at the tailgates. Overall 3.75 bottle caps.

LION BRIDGECoconut Disaster Porter 5.8% ABV 

Winner of my unofficial flight challenge. This beer gives off strong coconut flavors on the nose but doesn’t overwhelm you with sun tanning oil on the tongue. The coconut flavors are subtle and mix perfectly with the light roastiness of the malt. I am really fond of this beer and if it were in commercial production I’d fill the fridge. Overall 4.25 bottle caps.

PEACE TREE – Mile Long Lager Lager 4.8% ABV

Peace Tree wants everyone to know this beer doesn’t use rice or corn, like most North American Adjunct Lager producers (aka Big Beer). This beer is very sweet and all of that comes straight from the malts. This beer was very refreshing and I foresee it as a big hit on the bike trails around Central Iowa this summer. My one complaint, my bottle lacked some carb. It appears almost flat after a sip or two. But, that bottle didn't last 10 minutes. Overall 3.50 bottle caps.

EXILENelson Sauvin NE IPA 6% ABV

This beer is a blast of hops on the nose and on the tongue as is typical with the NE Style. It’s hazy from the tap and fits everything about the style. Nelson hops are saved in “my favorites” and work well on their own here. Call me crazy, while hops forward and sweet is the definition of the NE Style, I’d like a little more balance with this one. We’ve gotten away from balance in our IPAs and yes, I love the hops, but just a tad sweeter malt please. Overall 3.75 bottle caps.

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