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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Beer Review | Lake Time Imperial Peanut Butter Porter


STYLE: Porter
ABV: 9.5%

I was sitting at the bar at Alluvial Brewing a year or so ago. It was just after they opened at noon and there was a light snow coming down. It was just me and the bartender chatting away when these two dudes walk in that brought along a few crowlers of their own beer. They were on a visit from Minneapolis to Des Moines. Ames was their first stop.

They were from Dangerous Man Brewing. A place famous for their peanut butter porter. I asked, "Is asking about your peanut butter porter like asking you to play Free Bird, man." They gave a sympathy chuckle towards the sad dude sitting at the end of the bar. They also said PB Porter makes up about 75% of their total sales. They found their place in a busy market.

Fast forward to now and Lake Time Brewing is doing the same here in Iowa. Their beers, mostly available in Central Iowa in 32 ounce crowler cans and the flavored stout variety. There's a fruited wheat as well but their Peanut Butter Porter is the top seller.

So, naturally, they doubled it up, called it an Imperial and put it in 22 ounce bottles. The peanut butter in both offerings is terrific. It's a candy cup in a can. The porter is beefy and black and steps aside providing a slight chocolate to compliment the peanut butter goodness.

This regular PBP is a gateway beer for the not-so-often craft drinker. This Imperial version may still scare some away as there's a slight alcohol burn at the end each drink that at times can be unappealing. Especially to those that believe Guinness is "motor oil" in a can. I like both but prefer the regular version.

OVERALL: 4.10 bottles caps (out of five)

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