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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Beer Review | New American Guardian Double Stout With Vanilla

BEER: Imperial Stout
ABV: 9%
AVAILABLE: Draft/Taproom only

I recently reviewed a stop at Reclaimed Rails in Bondurant, Iowa, but that wasn't the final stop of the night. Shortly after, I visited New American Brewing Company in Ankeny and tried that "vanilla beer" my buddy Baldy talked about on the pod. It was the last stop that previously included the local casino and an hours worth of rubbing elbows with degenerates who blew their Pall Mall smoke in my face.

So naturally, I was attracted to the smokey, tar characteristics that dominate the flavors from New American's Guardian Double Stout. The base beer sees distribution and comes in 22 ounce bottles to various accounts around the Central Iowa area. At the taproom is this draft only special version of the same smokey chocolate delight but with Madagascar Vanilla Beans.

As you see above, it pours a deep dark black with a medium tan head. The body is slightly thin for a double stout and the booze is mildly present on the back of the tongue at 9%. The vanilla doesn't dominate but is more subtle complimenting the roasted barley and flaked oats. It's not there to mask off flavors as coffee and vanilla often can.

This beer was just what I needed at the time. It didn't wash away the lingering smell of cheap tobacco smoke and encounters of casino zombies. But, it did help wash away the memories of such things. At least a little.

OVERALL: 3.80 bottle caps (out of five).

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