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Monday, February 26, 2018

IBB IPAPA March Bracket Round 1 | #2 Toppling Goliath DDH Sue Vs. #15 Reclaimed Rails Hipster Juice 2.0

Just missing on the #1 seed, Toppling Goliath's Double Dry-Hopped Pseudo Sue will venture over to the Central Iowa bracket as the #2 seed to work its path through to the championship. There's a trail of Central Iowa beers that stand in the way.


How did it get here: How does the beer considered by this blog the best Iowa IPA in 2017 get a #2 seed? It literally came out of nowhere. The first bottles of DDH Sue from the new Decorah facility were bottled on 2/08/2018 and first landed in Chicago. It then made a surprise arrival to Iowa shelves last Friday. It looks like King Sue may return for her second run through the new system too but she is left out of this tournament after that poor December showing.

DDH is the famous Pseudo Sue with an additional round of Citra hops added. It keeps the same 5.8% ABV but ups the citrus, flowers, rainbows and unicorns. Untappd users love it at 4.48 bottle caps with over 17250 check-ins.

Available: On tap at the TG taproom or available in bombers at your local bottle shop.



How it got here: This is the second try at the NE Style from the Bondurant, Iowa, brewery. Hence the 2.0. It's a soft NE Style IPA hopped with Citra and Mosiac. It has somewhat of an orange haze, almost copper like there's caramel malts. The ABV sits at an easy 5.1%. This version made its debut in January of 2018 and Untappd users like it at 3.98 bottle caps with just over 50 check-ins.

Availability: At the RR taproom and various taps, including Growler stations, across the DSM metro.


Central Iowa Region Round #1
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