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Monday, February 26, 2018

IBB IPAPA March Bracket Round 1 | #3 Toppling Goliath Decorah Sue Vs. #14 Pulpit Rock Mighty Fine

Widely considered one of the best, if not the best, Pale Ale in Iowa gets to face off against fellow local Decorah brewery Pulpit Rock for Pale Ale supremacy. The winner of this Eastern Iowa Round 1 match-up gets to move on to round two. Click the button below to vote for your favorite.


How it got here: A beer named Sue. Possibly the perfect Pale Ale showcasing only one hop: Citra. Pseudo Sue has had a sort of a journey. The beer became worldly acclaimed and then was contract brewed in Florida by Brew Hub. The beer wasn't exactly the same but allowed for increased production to meet demands nationwide.

Now, with the new larger facility in Decorah, TG has Sue flowing and at almost a weekly can run getting out to accounts across the Midwest. There's been some issues with acclimating to a new brew system but the Decorah-made Sue is almost where it was in 2011 when you probably first lost your mind over it. Untappd check-ins rank Sue at 4.23 bottle caps with close to 85,000 check-ins.

Available: Most beer retailers across the Midwest.



How it got here: The other Decorah brewery is making a name too for aromatic, juicy IPAs. Mighty Fine is their crisp American Pale Ale that clocks in at an easy drinking 6% ABV. Like Pseudo Sue, this beer is Citra hops but adds a little Equinox to compliment. If you live in Decorah, you can't go wrong with either beer. Untappd users like Mighty Fine at 4.09 bottle caps with just over 850 check-ins.

Available: PR taproom and at el Bait Shop in Des Moines.


Eastern Iowa Region Round 1

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