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Monday, February 26, 2018

IBB IPAPA March Bracket Round 1 | #7 Big Grove Buster Vs. #10 Iowa Brewing Hail Sagan

We have a doozy of a match-up between two of Eastern Iowa's best in the Central Iowa bracket. Both breweries released these beers on tap and in 22 ounce bottles across Iowa City and some to Central Iowa. To cast your vote for a winner select the beer below in the gray box.


How it got here: Debuting in January of 2017, Buster first was tap only until meeting a 22 ounce bottle a year later. This is a big banger of an IPA that sits you down after one at 11.3% ABV. It may be a throw back as it's a balanced beer as the malty sweetness compliments the Simcoe and Amarillo hop aroma and flavors. This beer carries a very respectable 4.09 bottle cap rating on Untappd with over 700 check-ins.

Available: Bombers are still on some shelves and tap lines in Eastern and Central Iowa.



How it got here: Hail Sagan is not quite as boozy (7.5%) as its competition but they are similar in that they both throw back to a more balanced IPA. I enjoyed and reviewed Sagan just this month and found it to be quite refreshing. It's Galaxy, Eukanot, Eureka and Columbus hops working with a sweet backbone that has a little bite at the end. Like Buster, Hail Sagan is too just over a year old debuting in January of 2017. Untappd folks like this one at 3.9 bottle caps with just about 400 ratings.

Available: Distributed top tap lines and in 22 ounce bombers across Eastern and Central Iowa.


Central Iowa Region Round #1

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