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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Inspired By Paste Magazine, Some of Iowa's Best Porters Right Now

Paste Magazine, famous for their lists of "Top" this and "The Best" of that, recently released their 78 of the Best Porters Blind Tested. The list includes famous mass craft options, many of which we have on Iowa shelves and taps like Bell's Porter, Founder's Porter and Anchor Porter. What's absent, is anything brewed in the state of Iowa.

Now, this isn't a list or a ranking or countdown of any sorts. Let's save that for once a year and at the end of the year. This is simply a quick look around Iowa to see what Porters you can get if you venture out and about, say, this weekend.

LAKE TIME Peanut Butter Cup Porter 5.3% ABV
Again, we aren't ranking beers but if we were perhaps this would be at the top. Lake Time's Peanut Butter Cup Porter is candy in a glass. The peanut butter-y candy dominates your nose and mouth as you take a chug. Lake Time also bottled an Imperial version with a much higher ABV but as in my review, I prefer the standard beer without all that booziness.

Lake Time fills crowlers and distributes to the Central Iowa market. There's taps flowing of this beer around town too. The price is a very reasonable $9 for 32 ounce can. A much better deal than $13 for a 22 ounce bomber of the Imperial version.

RECLAIMED RAILS Rook's Coffee Porter 5.6% ABV
One thing I've noticed Reclaimed Rails does really well is infuse coffee into their beer. Whether it be the Railgator, a coffee pale stout, their Vanilla Coffee Porter or here, Rook's Coffee Porter, it's done well. And it makes sense as they serve coffee now right at the bar along with their beer offerings. Coffee is like mustard to a hot dog when it comes to Porter and several, brewed with Iowa brewed coffee, show up here today.

BARN TOWN Non-Drowsy 6.4% ABV
Which takes us to another beer using local Iowa brewed coffee to compliment the rich, smokey chocolate of their Porter. Barn Town's Non-Drowsy kicks up the chocolate too by adding cocoa nibs. Look for this at the Barn Town tap room or Iowa Taproom as it, like Reclaimed Rails, is currently draft only.

EXILE Horizon Line Coffee Porter 7.5% ABV
One new beer you can get on tap and in 12 ounce bottles at your local bottle shop is Exile's Horizon Line Coffee Porter. Like the others, this is local coffee flavors added and boy does this one pack a coffee punch. There's also that 7.5% ABV that may mean only one cup of Joe for your morning.

LION BRIDGE The Disaster at Meux 5.8% ABV
If you prefer just a slight hint of coffee in a well-made, balanced Porter, then this is no disaster to you. The Disaster at Meux provides a history lesson in its name and a nice smooth beer that'll take you to a warm fireplace with a fuzzy sweater too. This beer is a Gold Medal winner in 2015 at the Great American Beer Fest (GABF) and reminds me of Founder's Porter, 16th on the latest Paste list.

PULPIT ROCK Pour over Porter (any variant, really) 6.7% ABV
The latest Pour Over Porter (POP) available at the Decorah taproom is a Tiramisu version that includes lactose, vanilla, cocoa and Lady Finger cookies. The base POP is great itself and Pulpit Rock loves to add various coffees (Colombian, El Salvador, etc) to change it up. They are all great but usually to to-go only options from the brewery.

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