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Friday, February 16, 2018

Iowa Beer Buzz | IBB IPA Bracket Update, New Barn Town and New Brewery News

It's been a bit since we did some Iowa beer news. If you've seen the tweets or the post about the upcoming Iowa Beer Blog IPA March Madness Tournament, there's already been some movement and tough decisions for the committee to make. First, there's talk of "play-in" games to be decided on Twitter with voting allowed for a 24 hour period. If so, the final date hasn't been determined but February 18th is a real possibility with the final bracket set to relase February 25th and voting to start the 26th.

There's also been some new candidates emerge from the "availability" standpoint. 515 Brewing will have a fresh batch of Passe in a few weeks. Not in time for the tourney start but will be in the month we call "March Madness."

Pulpit Rock's Stink Juice, Saftig and a boat load of Decorah (TG) made Pseudo Sue, Golden Nugget, Pompeii and Fire Skulls and Money have hit the Central Iowa market this week. El Bait shop also added Alluvial's Lutris to their tap list yesterday. All possible entrants into the first ever tournament.

As with new beers to add to the brackets, there's some that will have there tourney hopes dashed even before it begins. It appears Contrary's beers are so good they run out really fast. That's a good thing as they'll hopefully expand soon and get those beers into the Eastern and Central Iowa markets.

A possible contender for a play-in spot, ReUnion recently released fresh Tank Puncher, their juicy American Pale Ale. This one kicks in at 7.3% ABV that will surely punch you in the face if you have too many.

We get yet another new Pale Ale from BT. This one is on the lighter side at 5.3% ABV and is more traditional Pale Ale and not a NE Style if that's your jam. Citra hops are the star here and it's nice to see a young brewery not pigeon-holed into producing only one style of beer.

The smoke is getting thicker about Une Anne entering the Iowa market. Jerry, head brewer from the Chicago brewery, was in West Des Moines in January brewing a collaboration with Barn Town (they are friends from the BT owner Pete Faber's days in Chicago). Rumors have their beers moving through Abu Nawas, the Elkader distributor that brings us Crooked Stave, Marz, Prairie and several others. Une Anne is famous for their sour beers but also have the Hubbards Cave label that produces NE Style IPAs and Stouts.

It's happening!

Sticking with nationally, there's a new Central Waters barrel-aged beer coming soon. Famous for their Stout, Belgian Quad and Barley Wine, a rum barrel aged coconut Porter sounds delightful. It hits Wisconsin distribution next week and Iowa likely days/weeks after.

Locally, the Des Moines market got a little extra of Backpocket's BA Cherry Chocolate Stout this week. Look for 22 ounce bombers of the BrrrFest special beer at Kegstand in West Des Moines.

A couple of beers are returning to the Peace Tree lineup. Their Saison Noir, a Farmhouse Ale with dark roasted malts tapped across their three taprooms this week. Currently, it's draft only. Also, John's Grocery 1948 Sour Wit makes a return in bottles. It's an easy drinking (5% ABV) Belgian kettle soured wit.

Deb is working hard on getting their beer to taps for customer's to sit and enjoy. There's a taproom currently under construction in Elkader, Iowa. Expect a Grand Opening this Spring.

With Valentine's Day this week a lot of breweries were pairing the chocolate with the fruit. Fox Brewing has a new beer released just for the holiday of love called Raspberry Chocolate Milk Stout.

The Des Moines brewery also got into the Hallmark Holiday releasing a special version of their Milk Man Stout. This one called 50's Dad is Milk Man aged in Bourbon barrels with coffee, vanilla and chocolate added. Bottles may also hit some distro accounts along with their Cooperage series this week.

If you recall, in January, we wrote about Broad Street in Reinbeck, Iowa, going up for sale. Looks like they found a buyer and it's been renamed Ambient Brewing. We'll keep an eye out for more news there.

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