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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Iowa Beer Buzz | New Beer From Lion Bridge, Contrary and Reclaimed Rails

Another week of new brews and beer news. Lessgo.

West O has a fruited version of their popular 6Foot IPA coming. This already fruity IPA will be loaded with Pineapple. No date or further info for tap only or distribution. Keep an eye on their social stuff.

Here's a nice surprise, Reclaimed Rails will have barrel-aged beers coming in bottles soon. They teased a release of BA Maple Vanilla Porter and BA Twisted Silo. The Bondurant brewery turns two soon and may have some bottles available at their anniversary celebration. If there's an official release we'll have to soon find out.

With Barrel-Aged January in the rearview mirror, Lion Bridge is bringing the IPA. They'll have a beer described as "lemony with some tropical fruit flavor" ready for tap on Friday. They call this one Dinner Sauce.

Also, Leon is getting larger! More beer coming from LB.

The Muscatine Brewery has another "Milkshake" IPA ready to release. Tapped today is Moving to the Country, a peach infused creamy IPA. Hope the beer is good so you forgive them for putting that terrible tune in your head.

Friday at noon at the Confluence taproom six! barrel-aged beers will release. They'll have...well, let me just post an image from their Facebook page.

Peach is in as this is the second Peach flavored beer releasing this week. Jubeck is matching the fruit's sweetness with a little bit of sour. Peach Sour will be available for $10 per bottle (300 bottles total) and available at the brewery on Valentine's Day.

Also Friday, Exile will have their coffee porter collaboration Horizon Line available at the brewery. Expect distribution there after. I think we talked about this one already.

There's a lot of news happening in Decorah. TG will open their brand new JURASSIC TOPPLING GOLIATH WORLD this Saturday. The new address is 1600 Prosperity Road in Decorah. We also learned TG will begin distribution of Iowa-made beer to Massachusetts and Rhode Island in limited quantities.

Not new beer news from BT (unless you live near Tin Roost then get there for their tapping of Sticky Juice), but more beer news. New tanks mean more beer. #SOON

Not one, two or even three big beers will be available from Lark this Saturday. Four barrel-aged beers will be on tap and available to-go in crowlers. Barrel Traitor, Doldrum on Four Roses barrels, Doldrum on Templeton Rye barrels and Tatanka are all yours to enjoy. Get some.

Look for Surly BA Darkness to hit the shelves as early as tomorrow (2/9/2018). The Minnesota brewer announced release of their barrel-aged stout early this week. Hope the snow doesn't delay arrivals to your local Wine and Spirits.

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