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Saturday, February 10, 2018

What We're Drinking | February Edition

Round and round, round we go
Round and round, round we go
Round and round, round we go
Round and round, round we go

Those are lyrics to Tupac's "I Get Around." While he's talking about something other than beer, the song popped into my head for an intro. Maybe, because I watched "All Eyez on Me" recently, which is a terrible movie. But, this isn't a movie blog but rather one about Iowa beer. So, here's what I've been drinking.

TOPPLING GOLIATH Pseudo (Decorah) Sue Pale Ale 5.8% ABV
As you know, Toppling Goliath is canning fresh made Pseudo Sue right here in state. There's been a ton of discussion of can dates (which appear on the top of the box now) and floaties, etc. I had the cans brewed 1/11/2018 and boy am I happy this is back. This is a beer that will have a permanent home in my beer fridge and maybe occupy a tap in my kegerator once available. It's not all the way back, if memory serves, but this batch is 4.25 bottle caps (out of five).

515 BREWING Bogan Pale Ale 6.3% ABV
I was asked online if anyone actually went to the Hy-Vee Market Grille bar. I found myself at one and also found $2.75 pints! Yes, I'll go back for happy hour. Especially when fresh Bogan is pouring at that price. Living in West Des Moines, Barn Town has taken a lot of my IPA dollars recently but it was nice to remember how good the Meh series at 515 is. Fresh, creamy and full of Galaxy hops. 4 bottle caps.

PULPIT ROCK Mighty Fine Pale Ale 6% ABV
Like the two beers previously mentioned, I could drink this everyday. This dry hopped pale has Citra aroma exploding a few feet away. When fresh, this Iowa brewed Pale is tough to beat. I pounded a pint with a new friend visiting from Delaware that said Mighty Fine could sell in that market. Impressive, considering the options in the East. Overall, 4.25 bottle caps.

BIG GROVE Buster Triple IPA 11.3% ABV
If you're in Eastern Iowa, you have a shot this week to grab this off your local Wine and Spirits shelf. If in Central Iowa, perhaps check the downtown DSM bars. Big IPA season is a nice follow-up to Stout season. While the ground is still covered in snow, big, bold hops are on the palate. I did find this a tad on the malty side and that's served recently fresh. It's a balanced beer and hides the ABV well for such a boozy beer. Overall, 3.8 bottle caps.

If you see these two Iowa breweries together, perhaps you think Whippy DIP-Ah. This beer is not that but get over it because it's still a solid Double IPA. It's approaching 10 ABV too and you'd never know it. Which is dangerous. There's some bitterness here that hits the tongue late after the flowery hops fade. Overall, 4.0 bottle caps.

MADHOUSE Zen Lunatic NE Style IPA 7.6% ABV
This is Madhouse's second shot at the NE Style and this one includes Mosiac, Amarillo and Citra hops. Those three make a beautiful menage a trois in the glass but like their first hack at the NE Style, this one just misses. The beer is good but I'm not sure of the yeast and if it's providing that creaminess that's associated with the style. Overall, a good beer but keep banging away. Madhouse will get there. Overall 3.8 bottle caps.

JACKSON STREET BA Woodbury County Stout (Vanilla) 12.8% ABV
I have a growing collection of Jackson Street beers in my cellar. The Sioux City brewery has barrel aged stouts and sours. This is is the barrel-aged vanilla variant of their base Woodbury Stout and it's tasty. I could use a little more stout body but the bourbon/vanilla dance is nice. Overall, 4.0 bottle caps.

BARN TOWN What's-a-ma-name-it American IPA 6% ABV 
While everyone was losing their minds over Sticky Juice (psst...another batch is coming in a couple weeks) and Double Hop Skewer, BT quietly released yet another hazy IPA at the taproom. This one has, well, let's just call it now Barn Town's signature haze. There's also a mix of Simco and Citra that pop the juice as you tip it on back. Overall, 4.15 bottle caps. 

IOWA BREWING COMPANY Stirling Bridge Scottish Ale 6.5% ABV
Iowa Brewing bottles just arrived into the Central Iowa market so I was excited to grab a few. Here is a Scottish Ale described as with a malty sweetness, smokey peat and chocolate. All I got was the smokey peat. It wasn't artificial smoke but overpowered my taste buds a bit. More caramel sweetness please. Overall, 3 bottle caps.

Still down with the Underground, I get around.

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