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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Beer Review | Barn Town Barrel Aged Cicada Killer With Vanilla and Cacao Nibs

BEER: Barrel-aged Imperial Stout
ABV: 10.4%
AVAILABLE: Draft and in 22 ounce bottle format

Barn Town is fresh off its one year anniversary party and like many one year olds is done crawling and starting to walk. Or maybe run. This beer was released both on draft and in 22 ounce bottles at the taproom Saturday, March 6th. I'll review the draft version I had sandwiched between (a few) pours of their NE IPA Sticky Juice.

This isn't the firs appearance for Cicada Killer. The base stout poured last summer and BT even had a few sixtels of it aged on barrels for three months as they toured the state getting to know Iowa craft beer drinkers. It surfaced again in October and was even paired with vanilla, roasted marshmallows and whatever you can imagine in a Randall at the brewery. This beer, in a lot of ways, tells the story of a young brewery.

This version, with 10 months on a Templeton Rye Barrel, is the best version of Cicada Killer yet. Each time it's appeared in the wild, its gotten better and better. This special batch, waiting on oak since almost when the brewery opened, gets a nice chocolate addition with the nibs that balances the strong vanilla. The barrel is there too and not as spicy as sometimes Rye Whiskey can be.

It pours a dark black with a thick tan head. Smell of vanilla and whiskey fill the nose. It's not fudgy or chewy but I wouldn't call it thin either. It's maybe a tad below where you sometimes want a candy bar stout to be. I look forward to future versions of this beer and also whatever else Barn Town gets into barrels.

OVERALL: 4.15 bottle caps (out of five)

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