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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Beer Review | Franklin Street Coconut Manticore

BEER: Coconut Manticore
STYLE: Russian Imperial Stout
ABV: 9.6%
AVAILABLE: Taproom only special release

I remember my first coconut flavored beer. It was a coconut porter made by Maui Brewing Company in Maui, Hawaii. It's always 82 degrees in Maui and the roast-y, coffee-y, big dark beer isn't always so tasty in the hot sun. But, when you add some island flavors it works.

Here, on the mainland and in the heartland, we won't see 82 degrees for awhile and dark chocolate, beefed up beers put meat on the bones during the winter hibernation period. I sampled the base Manticore RIS from Franklin Street a couple months back and thought it was a solid offering but the brewer's licorice was off-putting to my palette. It's not you black licorice, it's me.

I don't get the licorice flavors in this version flavored with coconut. I do get plenty of coconut and creamy coco doing a tango on the tongue. Coconut is a tough adjunct to play with and often times it has a sun tan oil flavor or is barely there. Franklin Street nails the coconut in this beer as it's neither. It's right in the sweet spot you expect when you see flavors added to your RIS.

Manchester, Iowa, is a long way from the islands but close your eyes and this can take you there. It was a taproom only release in crowler cans. Hope it finds a regular place on their brewing schedule. No matter the season and time of year.

OVERALL: 4.25 bottle caps (out of five)

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