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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Iowa Beer Buzz | Barn Town Announces Newest NE Style IPA Neon and the Return of 515's Passe

Following the release of bottles of Sticky Juice and BA Cicada Killer with Vanilla and Cacao beans, Barn Town has yet another new NE Style IPA set to release. This isn't hitting the bottles yet but Neon will be on tap beginning Friday, March 16th and available in crowlers to-go (Barn Town opens at 11:00AM).

Neon is described as a NEIPA hitting at 6.5% ABV double dry-hopped with Citra and Mosiac. For comparison, Sticky Juice also contains both Citra and Mosiac but comes in at a bigger 8% pushing into DIPA category. What's-A-Ma-Name-It is a NEIPA that's closer to the ABV mark at 6% but was hopped with Citra and Simcoe. Finally, Hop Skewer (which will return soon too), is right at that 6.4% ABV but is brewed with Citra and El Dorado.

Last month, 515 teased us that the Citra hops were in and Passe would soon return. Today, the return of their single hopped beer, part of the "Meh" series, is kegged about ready to go. Tasty.

Their famous beer gets some coffee added for a taproom only release. G.G., their Dark Lager pairs with Horizon Line's Burundi Buhorwa coffee beans. Draft only.


The Ankeny brewery has a new beer available now. It's Orange Creamsicle IPA hitting in at 6.5% ABV. Creamsicle says to me orange and vanilla. The description doesn't state but expect some lactose or oats to boost that mouthfeel.

The Waterloo brewery hopes to move into a new location soon. They've submitted a proposal to the city of Waterloo to occupy the Public Market in downtown Waterloo. They will have competition as another brewer and bicycle and clothing shops also like the spot. Let's cheer for Lark so they can pump out even more great beer.

West O has announced the date for their next barrel-aged beer release. Saison Rouge is brewed with honey, hibiscus and aged in red wine barrels. The date is set for March 24th at noon. Bottles are 750 ml and cost $20 each.

March is a popular month to start a brewery. Boone Valley will host their 6th Anniversary party at their taproom on March 31st. The party runs all day and there will be special release beers including a new Pale Ale brewed with six malts and six hops.

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  1. Third Base in Cedar Rapids had an NEIPA at about the same time as this article. It quickly sold out. Damn it was good. Yeah, I remember it to be just under 7% (6.8?).