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Monday, April 2, 2018

First Look at Big Grove Brewing's New Can Designs and Lineup

Image Special to the ICPC, click their link below for more images

The Iowa City Press Citizen caught up with Big Grove Brewing last week and was able to attain some pictures of Big Grove's upcoming can design. Recently on social media, we saw the images of Big Grove's new canning machine unloading into place and they got right to work.

There quickly will be BGB 12 ounce canned beers available as soon as this month. The plan is to distribute five beers to accounts in the Iowa City and Cedar Rapids markets right away. Cans will come to Des Moines, the Quad Cities and Dubuque later this year.

The initial lineup, based on the ICPC images includes:

Boomtown Premium - An easy drinking 4.5% ABV Cream Ale

Arms Race - A hearty 6.2% ABV American Pale Ale with Chinook, Centennial and Citra hops

West Main Wheat - A 5.2% ABV American Pale Wheat Ale

BGB IPA - A 7% ABV IPA brewed with Chinook and Simcoe hops

First Launch - DDH IPA (I assume) that will be the first BGB beer in cans

It's a straight-forward approach with very drinkable beers able to please current BGB fans and attract many more. The door is open for 16 oz bombers of Sidehill Sours to see canned distribution too.

Look for First Launch in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids region soon. Also, look for samples around your local Wine and Spirits as the BGB crew hits the road offering a taste of their products. As always, check the BGB social media accounts for additional updates.

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