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Monday, April 9, 2018

Road Trippin' | Your Iowa Beer Blog Guide to Two Days in St. Louis


Driving from Iowa, you'll likely find yourself on Highway 61. Upon approaching St. Louis, it's important to get on I-70 and head East for your first stop in Florissant, Missouri. Narrow Gauge Brewing is a little out of the way but not terrible if you're driving in from the North. Here, you'll find a little Italian Restaurant that houses a brewery that's making one amazing IPA after another. Their beers are selling fast so make sure to check the NG social media sites for weekly release info.

Next, we'll hop on 170 and make our way Southwest towards Maplewood, Missouri. Here, we'll first stop in at the Schlafly Bottleworks for some brews and food unless you loaded up on the pasta at the first stop. The Bottleworks feels like an amusement park. There's not a ton of specialty beers on tap but if you're a Schlafly fan, you'll find all of your favorites on tap and to-go.

Now, we'll slide on over to two locations for one of America's best breweries. It's your choice if you start at the Sidep Project Cellar or Taproom. Just remember, the taproom closes at 7PM and the cellar a little later at 9PM. What's pouring or available for onsite consumption varies by location so check the Side Project website to keep up with which is where.

Since Side Project is technically two stops, we'll hit Gus' Fried Chicken next door, grab a Stag and call it a day. We'll soon start day two moving our way towards the city.

Our first stop, 2nd Shift Brewing is slightly off the path in a light industrial area. There's usually cans or 750 ml bottles to go of Katy, Liquid Spiritual Delight or Little Big Hop, their hazy session IPA. There's usually 12 or so of their beers on tap and food available onsite through a kitchen window.

From here, you could stop at Urban Chestnut for a nice Lager or Wheat, or you could make your way into the city and visit 4 Hands for some coffee infused stouts or hoppy DIPAs. I'm going to turn South and head over to Civil Life Brewing Company. You'll find a lot of traditional styles made well here, similar to Urban Chestnut but unlike Chestnut, you won't find this on shelves in Iowa.

Finally, we'll target the last stop at Perennial Artisan Ales. There's both on tap and to-go options, the most exciting on-premise. You can throw back Abraxas, Sump Coffee Stout or a Barrel-Aged Vermilion. That's a lot of ABV but after this stop, you can sleep all the ride home.

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