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Monday, May 7, 2018

Two Iowa Breweries Bring Home Medals at the World Beer Cup

The Brewer's Association World Beer Cup was held over the weekend in Nashville, Tennessee. The awards that conclude the Craft Brewer's Conference fancies itself "The Most Prestigious Beer Competition in the World." So, if your brewery wins a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal, it's kind of a big deal.

Two Iowa breweries of 302 award winners did come home with some hardware. Iowa Brewing Company won a Silver medal for their Tragedy of the Common in the American Style Amber Lager category. It's the second Silver for Tragedy which also won a medal at the Great American Beerfest in 2016. Brooklyn Brewing's Brooklyn Lager took the Gold in the same category.

Single Speed Brewing also took home took home a Bronze in the Leipzig-Style Gose or Contemporary Gose category. Ring Around the Gose is a new beer (as of January 2018) for Single Speed. It's a salty sipper with passion fruit and guava flavors. Perfect for the latest weather warm-up in Iowa and pending Summer heatwave.

Congrats to both breweries. If you live in the Central Iowa area and can't get to Cedar Rapids or Waterloo to try these beers, both beers are pouring currently at The Iowa Taproom.

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