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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

SingleSpeed Brewing Teases Cans Coming Soon

Look at those cans! It's been a sneaky big year for distribution of Iowa beer in the aluminum vessel. Last month, we saw Lake Time Brewing make the switch from 32 ounce crowlers to 12 ounce 6-packs of their beers. ReUnion Brewing of Iowa City and Big Grove of Solon also started distribution of their beers in cans. Finally, Jackson Street, while still a bigger 750 ml can, also announced distribution soon of their beers.

Now, SingleSpeed Brewing, of Waterloo, took to Twitter and Instagram to provide a sneak peak of their future.

How far their initial distribution gets still remains to be seen. Perhaps, like with Big Grove, it will be a small net until they can ramp up and get those cans in your hands in Central Iowa. Tip the Cow would make a perfect tailgate beer and is a nice non-IPA option, similar to Lake Time's Peanut Butter Porter. Still, Victory Dance and Tricycle are both boat beer crushers and let's hope the Award Winning Ring Around the Gose and their Coconut Migration find a way into a can too.

Stay tuned to SingleSpeed's social media for more details.

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