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Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Latest in Iowa Haze | June Brewfest Edition

This might be the haziest post yet for our monthly edition of the Iowa Haze Report. That's because the Iowa Craft Brewfest is quickly approaching and with that, there's 70+ brewery types from around the state sampling the best they have to offer folks in the Des Moines area.

I jokingly predicted 100+ NE Style IPAs at this year's fest shortly after the Brewer's Association recently added the cloudy, low IBU brew to its official style book. There's not quite 100 but at a quick glance at the ICBF beer list you'll see 30ish.

Barn Town's Sticky Juice is new in 2018 this 3rd iteration of this beer will join hazy Neon in the BT lineup. What is new from Barn Town is a collab with Sioux City's Marto Brewing. They'll have a hazy coconut and pineapple IPA named Farmer Tan that may be perfect for the predicted 90 degree heat.

Some other beers that I've included in previous Haze posts and that will be pouring at Brewfest include: Clockhouse Witch Slap, Confluence Extinction Event, Flix Nebulas, Franklin Street Drugstore Cowboy, Madhouse Space Jam, Lark Boing, Lion Bridge Majestic Beast and Twisted Vine's Dynamo Haze. One of those, of course, won the IBB IPA/PA bracket challenge in March.

There's several new-to-me hazy brews that I can't wait to sample. Franklin Street's success with Drugstore Cowboy means their session NE Style, Frame Dragon, is the first on my list.

515 Brewing teamed up with newcomer Carroll Brewing and Odell out of Colorado to make Three, the Hard Way. It's brewed with Iowa grown Chinook hops.

Big Grove will have Turtle Hunter (with Mango and Pineapple) available on cask. I'm told it's their very tasty Easy Eddy on steroids.

Contrary is a little but growing brewery that makes some pretty beers that don't make it to Des Moines often. They're bringing a Milkshake IPA, Soursop/Tangerine that looks like a must try.

Peace Tree has their first NE Style beer ready to unveil to the world June 14th. I Can't Believe It's Not Bitter is a must have.

I always enjoy visiting Third Base Brewing's tent as they also don't distribute to Des Moines but always have something fun. Their NE IPA offering is Copycat League.

And there's always some surprises. A few others on the ICBF list I hope to try include: Shiny Top No Stoppin the Hoppin, SingleSpeed 380 North, Twisted Vine Whadda Juicebag, Pulpit Rock Mjau Mjau, Parkside Sixty Mine Tropical IPA, Lake Time Haze of our Lives and Iowa Brewing New England Logger. Whew! That's a lot of brew.

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