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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Beer Review | Backpocket Brewing's 6th Anniversary Stout

BREWERY: Backpocket Brewing
BEER: 6th Anniversary Stout
STYLE: Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout
ABV: 12.3%

Backpocket Brewing, of Iowa City, is another year older and threw another delicious beer party to celebrate. They released their 6th Anniversary Stout and had additional variants on hand for taproom pours. The 6th Anniversary Stout also came in 22 ounce bottles that demanded a line of patrons to get it and eventually sold out at the taproom.

The formula is the same as 2017's 5th Anniversary Stout. There's deep chocolate flavors from the malt married with heavy vanilla and faint coconut. The beer rests on Mississippi River Distilling bourbon barrels for 10 months soaking up those oak and bourbon flavors to blend with the aforementioned adjuncts.

Like last year, it works exceptionally well. Why not go back and do the same thing again? Sure, if my kid wants to go back to Chucky Cheese for another birthday party, I may try to influence some variety into his choice. If Chucky had this chewy goodness on tap for us dads to wash down the cardboard with ketchup they call pizza, I'm in. Every year is fine.

I do have one minor complaint. It's not a complaint really, but rather an observation. The vanilla was very powerful. I chalked it up to the beer being extremely young. I suppose with some time in the bottle it will blend together a little better and not dominate the beer. If I only had a bottle. Perhaps, I can find one to test this theory for science.

Be on the look out. Not for me, but for you. This beer is worth it.

OVERALL: 4.50 bottle caps (out of five)

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