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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Limestone Brewers Plan to Open Osage Taproom Soon

Iowa's newest brewery will open this Summer of 2018 in Osage, Iowa. Limestone Brewers expect to open "soon" per their website. Limestone answers several of the new brewery type questions on their web page too.

Why Osage? ​ When you look at a map, Osage is literally in the middle of everywhere. What better place to live, work, and play.

Why Limestone? ​ Millions of years ago, the midwest was at the bottom of a shallow ocean. That left us with limestone under us. Our water tastes great and that's where good beer starts.

About the beers, Untappd lists three beers and their website states they plan to have four flagship beers with an additional mix of "experimental" beers getting to 10 taps. The three created on Untappd dating back to February of this year include: Kirkwood IPA, Hickory Scottish Ale and Pleasant Street Cream Ale. Pretty standard stuff.

There's a Lager in the works and partner Tony Wynohrad told the Mitchell County Press News "our fermenters are all full with our current brews." He also said, "“Currently, our productivity is maxed out. We can’t handle anymore. We have been asked about carrying our beers by several retailers, but we do not have the capacity yet to accommodate them.” If you can't wait til the doors open to try Limestone beers, they're available at the Quick Serve, S&S Locker and Piggy Back Taste.

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