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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

New Restaurant and Bar The Chicken in Orilla Opens Today

The Chicken's Beer Menu via

If you're familiar with downtown Des Moines' craft beer hot spots el Bait Shop or the Iowa Taproom, you're familiar with Full Court Press. It's the ownership group that also owns Fong's Pizza, Hessen Haus, The Royal Mile and Truman's among other restaurants and bars. They have practically every beer style covered via various establishments or sometimes even under one roof.

So, when FCP opens a new bar and restaurant it's beer news. This establishment is outside of their usual haunts in Orilla, Iowa. It's located in a tiny town just off the Great Western bike trail that connects Gray's Lake to Martensdale, Iowa. Orilla will also benefit from the Veteran's Parkway extension that West Des Moines is in expects to complete in 2019.

The Chicken's theme is centered around the food menu. The restaurant name should tell you all you need to know there. The initial beer menu includes 20 taps and a handful of cans with a mix of Iowa brews to get you going.

It's a menu full of lagers and light drinkers. West O's award winning Coco Stout is the only porter/stout listed, for now. At first glance it's a great list for folks hitting the bike trails of Des Moines and looking for a quick refreshing beer that's priced just right. I love me some $5 pints of fresh Iowa brew but those $3 Hamms are calling my name.

Look for a review soon and as always, search for The Chicken Orilla's Twitter and Facebook pages for more details.

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