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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Beer Review | Pulpit Rock and Barn Town Sticky Stink Juice NE IPA

BEER: Sticky Stink Juice
ABV: 7.8%

Michael Render began his rap career in the mid-1990s. Around the same time, Jamie Meline, know as El-Producto or simply El-P did the same in New York City. The two would eventually join forces almost 20 years later to form underground rap super group Run the Jewels.

Pulpit Rock has a popular beer, Rhyme Animal which is also a lyric Killer Mike drops on RtJ3. I'm not sure if that was a tip of the cap to RtJ or a throwback to the original voice of the underground, Chuck D. Either way, both Killer Mike and Pulpit Rock can Bring the Noise.

Like rap music collaborations, brewing beer with other breweries can be hit or miss. Like Killer Mike and El-P joining forces, Pulpit Rock and Barn Town making a hazy IPA makes a perfect fit. Let's not try and debate which brewery is which artist but El-P(R) just makes too much sense.

Sticky Juice is Barn Town's Citra and Mosaic hopped NE IPA. Pulpit Rock's Stink Juice uses Mosaic, Eureka and Bravo hops. Naturally, a combination of both simply becomes Citra, Mosaic, Eureka and Bravo triple dry-hopped IPA. It's really that easy.

While it isn't much about a complicated beer here, the result is a juicy clouded brew loaded with melon, grapefruit and oranges exploding on the nose and down the hatch. Unlike an album you can listen to every day, it's too bad this beer has already come and gone.

For Sticky Juice fans, they may tell you the original is better. Just like some El-P fans tell you his solo albums are their favorite. Same for Stink Juice and Killer Mike's Pledge to the Grind. Unlike RtJ, these are two separate businesses that will remain that way. But, we can hope there's more collaborations to come down the road and that's good enough.

OVERALL: 4.5 (out of five) bottle caps

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