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Friday, August 3, 2018

The Iowa Craft Beer Tent Announces Iowa State Fair Craft Beer Lineup

As craft beer grows in Iowa so does the taps at the Iowa State Fair at the Iowa Craft Beer tent. This year's Fair will see 48 taps of Iowa brew flowing at once. The Iowa Craft Beer Tent has announced of 140+ beers that fair-goers can sample next to a food item on a stick.

Here's some of the highlights from the list and sure to go fast:

Thew Brewing- Big Boar Pale Ale
Thew's first Fair means a special Fair brew from the Cedar Rapids brewery. Just a handful of Thew beers have made it to Central Iowa so get a sample while you can.

Reclaimed Rails- Railgator Pale Stout
A personal favorite. This odd, yellow stout and that oat-y mouthfeel and is loaded with coffee. It will play minds games as your brain says "this is not a stout." Just take a sip and think football tailgate mornings.

Exile- 2017 Jesus of a Forklift BA RIS
One of Des Moines' best barrel-aged stouts. You'll have to watch that 12.5% ABV or you may end up on the floor in the horse barn.

SingleSpeed- Ring Around the Gose
One of Iowa's newest award winners. This beer comes in cans but quickly sold out in the Des Moines metro. Get a taste if you haven't already.

Confluence- Milk Man Stout on Nitro
One of Des Moines' long-time popular beers gets more bubbles. A nitro pour of Milk Man is one you shouldn't miss.

Keg Creek- Mango Shake DIPA
Fruity hops, mango juice and vanilla will be a refreshing sip if the temps hit their usual Fair 90s. The only this beer is missing is a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Madhouse Brewing- Strawberry Fields
Bitter hops and chocolate malts may be too much if the heat sets in. A sweet strawberry sour might be just the thing.

Lion Bridge- Majestic Beast IPA
The Majestic Beast isn't a ride in the Fair Midway. It's one of the best new beers of 2018 and it won't last long.

Flix- Quadzilla
Like Jesus on a Forklift, take it easy with this one. There's plenty of vanilla, oak and bourbon-y goodness you'll need a cigar.

And that's just a tiny pull from a solid list. There's also a chance for many to sample Back Road, Second State and Fender's beers for the first time.

Keep an eye on @iacraftbeertent on Twitter for tap updates and special beer announcements.

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