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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Thew Brewing Announces Planned Sick Days Pale Ale Release

In a galaxy far, far away and a long time ago, a man had a dream. He had a dream that one day, from the taps of America, a beer so refreshing and clean would flow like the snow melt down the Rocky Mountains. With the help of beer magician Chris Flenker of Thew Brewing, that dream has become a reality.

I've long considered the name I took for Internet things to be the perfect name, for well, a beer. Especially an easy drinking brew you can chug back while taking in one of the many things we enjoy that doesn't include work and may require a call or email to your boss with one of the various reasons why we just can't make it. A day's pay is just a phone call away, so it goes.

I tossed out my short list of favorite things in beer and Flenker ran with it. He works in beer the way artists work in oil or clay. He used a soft but sweet malt and flaked oats base and loaded it with Citra hops. And by load, I mean he backed a truck up to the kettle.

Pour from the fermentation tank

After the transfer came more hops, dry-hopping during fermentation. And with about a week to go, Flenker says, "how about we double dry hop this?" So more hops in the pot we go. The Citra hops should play well with the newish NE Hazy yeast that's designed to cloud up this beer but not your day. 

The end result is a soft, hazy yellow beer that's full of citrus, mango and pineapple flavors. The late addition hops impart all the fruity flavors without the bitterness. This beer comes in at 5 IBUs and a SMASHable 5% ABV.

Thew will have PSD Pale flowing at 3PM Friday, October 17th at the taproom. It will be available for crowlers to-go if you have other plans but need a tailgate beer for Iowa vs. Maryland. There will be limited distribution in kegs for some of your local favorite watering holes.

So, be like me and grab a PSD.

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