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Friday, November 16, 2018

Backpocket Brewing to Contract Brew Peace Tree's Blonde Fatale

It's news that will positively impact two Iowa breweries. reports that Backpocket Brewing, in Coralville, will begin contract brewing for Peace Tree. In order to keep pace with growth, Backpocket will brew Peace Tree's award winning Blonde Fatale.

Backpocket isn't new to contract brewing. With their extra capacity, they brewed for St. Louis' Schlafly from 2011-2016. BP can share in the profits of one of Peace Tree's best selling beers while PT's Knoxville production site will have extra room to expand their beer portfolio.

Here's a discussion that took place on Twitter regarding some possible new beers for 2019:

Two more beers in bottles is exciting news, particularly the coffee stout that was new at Peace Tree's three taprooms this year. Also exciting, the mentioned quarterly barrel-aged releases. Not mentioned and strictly my input, that coffee stout on bourbon barrels would be a great start. While these tweets aren't yet a press release, we'll wait for the formal announcement and look for a big 2019 for both Iowa breweries.

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