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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Dear Santa, All I Want For Iowa Beer Distribution In 2019

A year ago I typed a blog to Santa Clause requesting only the juiciest of dank brews and apparently he didn't read it. It was still a good year for Iowa though as a couple wants on the list were answered when Dogfish Head arrived and the rumors of Fair State coming to Iowa. We also saw Tighthead, Une Annee/Hubbard's Cave and Harpoon arrive on shelves. Not exactly a lump of coal.

Here's the full wish list from 2018 and in an effort to not repeat things, let's expand upon it and assume everything there still stands. Of course I still want Pipeworks, Three Floyds, Epic and Alesmith etc. Who wouldn't?

Here's my new list for 2019:

1. Old Nation - Williamston, Michigan
Once considered "struggling," Old Nation has become a Midwest must-have with the production of M-43 and Boss Tweed. Like any brewery, they're more than two beers but their production and expansion focus has been on keeping up with demand. Thus far, Old Nation has expanded rapidly and distribute their beer to Atlanta, Illinois, Maine and Europe. Can Iowa be far off? Probably still but Santa Claus has been known to work some magic.

2. Melvin - Alpine, Wyoming
Melvin cranks out juicy pale ales and IPAs that would rival Pseudo Sue if they were to enter the Iowa market. In Rocky Mountain fashion, their juicy brews come in 12 ounce six packs of cans. There's 2X4 DIPA, Melvin IPA and Citradamus just to get you started. They're a regional brewery that distributes outside of their area to California, Massachusetts and New York. You'd figure Chicago is more enticing but maybe they'd stop in Iowa first.

3. Mikerphone - Elk Grove, Illinois
Mikerphone is another hot Midwest brewery expanding to meet demand. The current tasting room in Elk Grove is growing and so is the production of their beer. To eventually end up in Iowa, Mikerphone would need to grow insanely fast or utilize a contract brewer like Octopi Brewing in Wisconsin. It just so happens Mikerphone and Octopi recently produced a 100 barrel batch of Heads Will Roll to distribute in 16 ounce cans to Florida, Colorado and Wisconsin.

4. Odd Side Ales - Grand Haven, Michigan 
Brewing in Michigan since 2010, Odd Side now distributes beer to Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. They sell plenty of standard flagship beers and offer NE Style hazy beers as part of their Dank Juice series. Maybe most importantly, their 12 ounce bottles of Hipster Brunch, Hazel's Nuts and Rye Hipster Brunch Stout are worth fighting your Wine and Spirits rep over.

5. Fat Head's - North Olmstead, Ohio
Like Odd Side, Fat Head's has been around for awhile. Since 2009, the Ohio brewery has been winning awards for juicy brews like Head Hunter IPA and Hop Juju. The brewery currently distributes to Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana. There was a rumor once they'd enter the Chicago market after they pulled from Florida shelves in 2017. So yeah, it's unlikely but hey! Santa isn't real.

6. Odd13 - Lafayette, Colorado
This is another brewery that is growing very quickly but still may not have enough to get their beer over the boring state of Nebraska to the Great State of Iowa. Odd13 currently distributes in Colorado and to Phoenix, Arizona. Their juicy brews like Codename: Superfan and n00b don't exactly collect dust around Denver. Like Melvin, their IPAs come in 12 ounce six packs and would be perfect for bike rides or mowing the lawn next Summer.

7. Kros Strain - La Vista, Nebraska
The closest brewery to Iowa on this list, Kros Strain is just a stones throw across the border North of Omaha. Still a young brewery, opening in 2017, already has awards to show for their early efforts. Fairy Nectar London DDH recently took home a silver at GABF for Juicy or Hazy IPA. Kros Strain produces that beer in 22 ounce bottles and let's get it over here.

8. The Brewing Projekt - Eau Claire, Wisconsin
This Wisconsin brewery currently distributes throughout Wisconsin and to Minneapolis. They make some super fruity juice bomb IPAs like Terminal DIPA and their Dare Mighty Things series. They are currently expanding but still self-distribute, even to Minneapolis. I checked and Des Moines to Eau Claire is about a five hour drive.

9. Logsdon Farmhouse Ales - Hood River, Oregon
Logsdon's beers are carefully crafted, Belgian-inspired farmhouse ales that often come at a price. They're not cheap. But, this seems like a perfect match for Abu Nawas and their unique selection of beers. They distribute to 14 states and to Canada. Illinois is the closest their beer gets to Iowa and you can often find Seizoen Bretta, Oak Aged Bretta and Far West Vlaming on a Binny's shelf. Imagine these babies on tap at the Cheese Bar in Des Moines?

10. Drekker - Fargo, North Dakota
Finally, let's again look North to the Dakota's for the last on the list. Drekker Brewing distributes beer in their home state and to the east in Minnesota. Drekker recently expanded into a new taproom location that had lines out the door for their juicy NE Style IPAs. That expansion should allow the brewery to produce 5,000 barrels of beer now a year. That's growing but still about 1/7th the capacity of Exile Brewing in Des Moines so, it may be awhile.

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