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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Lion Bridge Releases the Full Schedule for Annual Barrel-Aged January

Lion Bridge Brewing has released the full list of beers and events for their 2019 Barrel Aged January. The annual event includes special barrel-aged versions of Lion Bridge beers plus some new beers released for the first time. Per the LB Facebook Page, this year's events will also include three canned BA beers, live music every Wednesday, special limited Tiki glassware, BA sours, a pairing with Hurts Donuts and special Firkins throughout the month.

Week 1 kicks off with Big Smoosh, a barrel-aged Adambier with added cherries. What is an Adambier? It's a big ABV dark and sour brew often aged in wood similar to a Belgian Sour. Sounds tasty.

Week 2 brings another sour with a Wine and Whiskey Barrel-Aged Apricot Sour. There's also a can release of Home-Baked Imperial Stout which sounds awesome. It says 4-packs so I'll guess 16 ounce cans.

Week 3 has the 2nd Anniversary Biere de Garde and barrel-aged Oktobot 3000 and Gobble Wobble. There's also an unoaked Gzaprom! and Peanut Butter and Jelly Gazprom! firkin that sounds super interesting.

Week 4 has another can release. This time it's Disaster at Maui, their Imperial Porter with coconut, cocao nibs and coffee aged in Rum barrels. That sounds an awful lot like Maui Brewing Company's Imperial Coconut Porter and if it is I'll be in line.

Finally, week 5 has the release of 2019 Gazprom! and in 4-packs of cans. This week will see the return of Coffee Gazprom! through a firkin and introduce us to Double Maple Gazprom!. If that's not enough Gazprom!, there's a vertical planned for Sunday, February 3rd to close out barrel-aged 2019.

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