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Monday, December 3, 2018

Beer Review | Big Grove Brewery Color TV NE Style IPA

Beer: Big Grove Brewery Color TV
Style: NE Style IPA
ABV: 7.8%

First, a shout out to Mr. Graham for not only securing this beauty but hauling it halfway across Iowa to get it in my hands. It's not always easy to make it over to Iowa City and it's nice to know good people out there. Mr. Graham is good people.

I remember when I was a kid, my mom heard on the news, or read in the paper, that the Atari gaming system -she bought me for Christmas - would ruin your color television. Our living room television looked just like the one on this can except replace the rabbit ears with a cable box that had 12 rows of buttons and a wheel on the side to navigate the three levels (3 times 12 is 36 channels). My Atari would never attach to that TV for my parents had found me a 13" black and white box to do the trick.

I spent my early years navigating between three channels in black and white. Eventually, I would upgrade to a 20" inch color TV, a Sega Genesis and drill a hole in the hardwood floor to run a spliced cable through. I hid that last part for awhile, somehow.

TV is a big part of most American's lives. Beer is too. Both have changed quite a bit over the years. Keeping up with the change in brewing styles is Big Grove Brewery as they up their hazy IPA game with each new release. Easy Eddy? Pretty tasty. Turtle Hunter? Yep. Big Ed? Oh yeah. And now, we get Color TV with all of its Galaxy hop glory.

As with anything overly hop forward, your overall enjoyment will depend on how each hop appeals to you. I'm a Citra man but do love the Galaxy hops too. The double dry hop process packs big aromatics and hop juiciness all the way through the beer.

We've come a long way from filtered, bitter, and balanced for the sake of style guidelines beer. Big Grove has become one of Iowa's best working with the new style (new to the Brewer's Association Style Guidelines). I look forward to BGB's 2019 and hope I didn't use my only favor of Mr. Graham.

Overall: 4.45 bottle caps (out of five)

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