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Monday, December 3, 2018

Road Trippin' | Your Iowa Beer Blog Guide to the Alamo Bowl

Last Spring, this blog started a series that gives readers a go-to guide to some of the surrounding cities outside of Iowa's borders. With 6,900 craft breweries outside of Iowa, you can throw a dart at a map and find a place to swing back some craft. This week, I thought I'd look at some of the best options if you're traveling to warmer weather this December to cheer on your favorite football team.


It's hard not to find a fun on the Riverwalk of San Antonio. The pedestrian street is full of great live music, wonderful food and one helluva party. It's pretty easy to opt for a margarita or an ice cold Lone Star here. The craft scene is growing but not at the rate of Austin. Still, if liquored down ice isn't your scene and you want to try the local brew, here's where to go.

Offering both beer and food and with a cozy little patio is Kunstler Brewing slightly south of the Riverwalk. With the German name, you can expect German beer like the German Pils or Dunkel Wheat. That's not all though. Look for Hawaiian Fog, a Mai Tai inspired NE Style IPA or Hop Teknik, a guava-inspired NE Style juice bomb.

One of San Antonio's most established craft breweries, Freetail is just a tad further south of Kunstler. Freetail has been in business since 2010 and has plenty of flagship, seasonal and special release beers depending on the calendar. There's also a $5 Happy Hour food menu.

If you'd rather stay on your feet and on the Riverwalk, I don't blame you. One stop you may want to make is at the Stella Public House gastropub. Along with great food you'll find a healthy list of Texas craft beer. A quick glance at today's taplist shows Saint Arnold, Brash Brewing, High Wheel Beerworks and Southern Star Brewing options.

Finally, there's plenty of franchise-style craft beer joints like the Yard House and Big Hops. There's plenty of Texas beer to try at each location. If there's one beer you absolutely have to have it's Live Oak's Hefe. If you've had it or wheat's not your thing, find a 512 Pecan Porter. Yardhouse currently has both. If those don't work, there's always an ice cold Shiner Bock.

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